What are your terms of service?

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Glad you asked! There are some limitations to the services we can provide, and there are some things that clients need to know before booking with us.

To begin with, we’re happy to take special requests! However, there are some things we respectfully decline. While we wish we could be your one-stop move-out service provider, we simply are not equipped for carpet shampooing or window washing. Other businesses can complete these tasks much more efficiently than we can. Also, we will politely pass on anything that might compromise the safety of our personnel, such as climbing ladders or handling bio-hazardous waste, including human or animal fluids/excrement or anything that appears to be such. Sorry, Fluffy, we cannot change your litter box. In consideration of both environmental and employee wellness, we may decline to use excessively harsh chemicals and cleaning products (including bleach). If you have a question about something specific, please don’t hesitate to ask!

*As long as your home/office has a toilet brush available we will clean the toilet bowl interiors. Otherwise, only the toilet exteriors will be cleaned.

Cancellation Policies & Fees:

Life happens, and we understand that sometimes you’ll need to change or cancel your scheduled clean. If you are able to notify us at least 48 hours before your appointment, no problem! If your clean is cancelled less than 48 hours before your scheduled time (emergencies excluded) you will be charged a cancellation fee of $100.00. This will be charged to the card we have on file for you or taken out of your deposit, if applicable. If we are unable to provide service because of illness or emergency situations, we will give you the option to have your deposit refunded or applied towards a future clean.

Same Day Cancellations

In the event that we are unable to enter your home to perform scheduled work at the time of your scheduled clean, we will first try contacting you via telephone to arrange entry for cleaning. If we are unable to gain access within 15 minutes of our attempt, your appointment will be declared a Lockout. You will be charged the full amount of your appointment. This will either be charged to the card we have on file or come out of your deposit, if applicable. Same day cancellations are treated the same, with exceptions for unforeseen emergencies. We send multiple notifications by text and email to avoid these situations. Our staff depend on the income your service appointments provide, and we are rarely able to replace those hours for them on short notice.

Staff are paid for a portion of all jobs that cancel within 48 hours of the scheduled start time. Staff are paid the for the full amount of jobs that are canceled the same day.

Standard Upkeep and AirBnB/VRBO turnovers are rated by the job, not by the hour. The time allotment on the calendar also considers break and travel time. If everything is done satisfactorily, there will be no rate adjustment. If, however, something is missed or not done to your standard or per our agreement, we are happy to communicate about coming to a prompt resolution. We ask that you not add on additional tasks to standard cleans because of perceived “extra time”. Our team members work hard to become efficient, and we discourage penalizing them for that efficiency. If you would like more time or additional tasks, please book accordingly in advance.

For AirBnB/ VRBO turnovers, if you would like to retrieve your linens before your next scheduled appointment, or if you do not have an upcoming appointment, you may schedule a time to come by our office and pick up your laundered linens. We do not drop off linens outside of turnover service for free. You may schedule a linen drop-off for a fee.

For hourly appointments, we charge by the hour for work performed and will go through the list of tasks you provide, starting at the top, until we run out of time. We make no guarantees about the amount of work we can accomplish in any given amount of time. We round up to the nearest half hour to calculate payment due.

For moveouts, we charge by the hour for work performed. We will address and complete moveout cleaning procedures one by one until we run out of approved time. We make no guarantees about how much we can accomplish in any given amount of time. In some cases, our time estimates may not be sufficient to complete the job. Unfortunately, some cleaning jobs are tougher than can be foreseen. If we foresee that we may run out of time, we may reach out to you to request more time be allotted, at the client’s expense. There are also times when we find we have time to spare. We round up to the nearest half hour to determine payment due, and any time not calculated into the clean will not be charged for.

We aim to please! We do not issue refunds, but we are happy to apply credit towards future services or makeup time if a job is deemed incomplete or unsatisfactory. Clients must address the matter with us via text, voicemail, or email within 24 hours after the end of their appointment for prompt resolution. If it is determined that makeup work is appropriate, this will be scheduled subject to staff availability. We may require access to the space to assess the job before scheduling such a makeup or issuing a credit. Assessment must take place within 48 hours after the clean was performed to determine a course of action.