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We are happy to check to-do items off your cleaning list on an hourly basis. We do not guarantee what we can accomplish in any given amount of time, as every home and task can vary greatly, but rest assured that our hard-working staff are highly skilled and adept at completing cleaning tasks efficiently. If you are interested in recurring service, please get in touch with us via phone, text, or email, or schedule a consultation below. Recurring service is rated differently (less expensive) and does not require upfront payment. Please note that the booking options below are limited to what one person can perform in one day. If you need more time, please arrange with us.

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what to expect

We will ask you for a SPECIFIC to-do list, ordered by priority. This is crucial. We will go through your list top to bottom and do everything we can in the time allotted. IF we discover that we are going to run out of time, we will communicate with you as soon as possible. Because you provided us with a list in order of priority, the most important things will be done first!

Please Note: We are not prepared for certain tasks, including outdoor work (hauling, landscaping), carpet cleaning, window washing, or handling of anything that could be hazardous, including human or animal fluids or waste. Our liability coverage prohibits us from working on any surface higher than a step ladder.