frequently asked questions

Our cleaning service is unique. Do you have questions about how we operate? Find out what to expect below.

What products do you use?

Our mainstays in our supply arsenal include:
-Water! For surfaces that don’t require cleaning, but that need to look great, such as mirrors, water does the job!
-Sal Suds, an all purpose concentrate by Dr. Bronner
-Bon Ami, a mineral-based scrubbing powder
-Weiman stainless steel wipes

We also come with an assortment of scrubbers, brushes, and rags.

We are always on the lookout for new and better Earth friendly cleaning products. If you have one you love and think we should try, let us know!

Do I need to be home?

Nope! As long as we have instructions for entering, you can leave everything to us. Some folks like to let us in and then head out, some stay home while we clean, and others give us a key to keep on hand. Whatever your comfort level, we are happy to accommodate.

Please do make certain that if you will not be home staff will be able to enter. We have a strict lockout policy. This allows us to compensate staff for their travel time, as well as the opportunity cost of missing a clean. We give clients 15 minutes from our arrival time to get us in.

Do I need to, or can I, provide supplies?

Some folks have certain products or equipment that they prefer to have in their space, and that is just fine with us. The only exceptions are with harsh or toxic chemicals and equipment that may be hazardous or unsafe. We do not bring cleaning products that are not labeled non toxic, and for our staff’s safety and comfort, we allow them to decline to use any products that are not labeled non-toxic, bleach being the primary product most staff prefer not to use. As for equipment, if you’d like staff to complete a task that requires a stamp ladder, you may provide one, as we don’t bring them. Our liability insurance covers us working up to three feet off the ground, so please keep that in mind when asking staff to leave ground level to reach something. Other equipment that we may turn down using would be anything that requires special training or safety gear.

If it is an odd job, feel free to ask!

What if I have pets?

We LOVE pets! As long as your furry (or feathered, or scaly!) family members are happy to have us there, we will be thrilled to enjoy their company. If you question your pet’s comfort level with strangers, please make arrangements or kennel them during our visit if you don’t plan on being present. We want everyone to feel safe!

How do I pay for my appointment?

When you book your appointment, we collect your card information. Don’t worry, we are a secure site and we use Stripe, which is a professional, secure payment processor. You have the option to pay upfront when you book your appointment online or wait until after service. If you choose to wait, we simply run your card for the amount listed on the appointment at a later date, within about two weeks of service. You will receive an emailed receipt immediately upon payment, and it will reflect the date of service that your payment is being applied to. Each clean is processed individually for your record keeping. We no longer accept cash or checks for payment for service, although you may use these to tip your cleaner.

Should I tip?

Our staff work very hard, and while tips are not expected, they are ALWAYS appreciated. Anywhere between $5 and 20% are common among those who do tip. You may leave this in cash or check on an obvious surface with a note for your cleaner (otherwise, they may not assume it is for them), OR you add a tip to your payment for your clean. Followup emails go out 24 hours after each clean and provide a link to pay with a tip included. Jobs that are not paid by the next day will be processed without a tip. 100% of tips go straight to the service provider, with no processing penalty if you do use your card.

What if I need a move-out/in clean?

Plan in advance! Remember that you need time for the actual moving process, time for cleaning, and you may have other professionals, such as painters or carpet cleaners, to coordinate with. Don’t put it off! We recommend having painters/handy persons in FIRST. Cleaning is next, and carpets should be last. We will not clean your refrigerator or cabinet interiors if they are full. You probably don’t want to pay our hourly rate for pantry item removal anyway.

Please provide a SPECIFIC list of tasks you need completed, in order of priority. We request a specific list because every moveout is different. Sometimes appliances will be replaced, so we don’t want to waste time cleaning them. Same goes for floors that will be refinished or tile or walls that will be redone.

The time we propose for Moveout’s is usually a generous estimate. If we find the amount of time you reserved wasn’t sufficient, you can always book more. You’ll be glad you planned ahead! On the other hand, you’ll never be charged for unused time for your moveout.

For very large jobs, you may have to book time with multiple staff/teams or over 2-3 days.

Will I get a team or an individual?

We think pairing clients with individuals is ideal most of the time. Getting to know our clients is one of favorite parts of this work, and we know you appreciate the feeling of security that comes with having your home cleaned by someone you trust. We also know that many pets respond better to having the same person in the home. Maybe people also don’t like the feeling of a large group of people whizzing through their home chaotically. For jobs that are rated $200 and below, we send individuals, with rare exceptions.

Our system automatically pairs larger jobs with a team of two. There are some exceptions, and if someone is out sick one day, their counterpart may come alone. If your rate is over $400, which is usually only the case for moveouts, you may a team of three or four OR book multiple visits with a team of two. We are happy to assist to find a scheduling solution that gets the job done and meets everyone’s needs.

We think a team is better for larger jobs for multiple reasons, the main one being to avoid fatigue. Cleaning a very large house by one’s self can be tiring! Having a partner to help get through a big job in half the time keeps staff energy fresh and provides camaraderie, which increases morale. The other reason we like to send teams for larger jobs is just to get things done more quickly. We will use up half (or even 1/4) of the time with a team of two or four than we would with an individual. Many people work from home or at home with children, so getting the clean done quickly means clients can move on with their day sooner.

Can I have the same person each visit?

Yes! With some exceptions, we are typically able to have the same person or team paired with each client. When a team member is out, we can usually offer the option of having a substitute for that same day, soon thereafter, or another day with your regular. Whenever you book a new clean or reschedule an existing one, you have the option of choosing your person/team, or the first available.