While this list might not include everything we’ll be bringing on our house cleaning adventures, it does reflect our mainstays that we apply to the bulk of our work. It is important to use that we use cleaning products that do not adversely impact our health and well being, or that of our clients, their families and pets, and, of course, our planet. Sometimes extreme circumstances call for exceptions to this rule, in which case we will express this to you in your consultation. Also, if you have products that you prefer we use in your home, you may provide them. In most cases, we are happy to comply with your preferences. However, if you request that we use products that are harsh or offensive, we allow our team members the right to politely decline to use them.

mrs meyer’s multi-surface concentrate

mrs meyers all purpose concentrate

Mrs. Meyers is a lovely all purpose product that we use on most surfaces. What we love is that it comes in many scents, so we can switch it up from time to time. Also, we can buy the concentrate so we go through far fewer bottles.

bon ami powder cleanser

bon ami powder cleanser

Bon Ami is made mostly of natural minerals, is biodegradable, and is highly effective when it comes to scrubbing without scratching. It’s even safe to use on glass, and it contains no harsh chemicals, unlike similar products.

weiman stainless steel wipes

weiman stainless steel wipes

Weiman wipes are just the best product out there for masking your stainless steel streak-fre and shiny. Believe us; we’ve tried MANY. It’s non-toxic and smells nice.

bar keepers friend soft cleanser

bar keepers friend

This product is a powerhouse when it comes to removing really tough residues. Read about their commitment to the environment HERE.