We began short-term rental turnover service when the need first emerged several years ago.
Let us help you create a sparkling, inviting temporary home for your guests, or prepare your home for your return after your guests have left.
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What to Expect

This is a list of common expectations for turnovers, which looks a lot like our standard clean checklist with some modifications. When we enter a home with very little instruction, these are the tasks we perform and can usually complete in the average home. This is not meant to be exhaustive. Please feel free to provide instructions if your expectations differ from what you find below.

PLEASE NOTE: For clients who are new and whose homes have not been cleaned recently (or simply are more *lived in*), we may not be able to achieve everything listed below in the time we allot for standard cleans. If we find upon arrival that this may be the case, we will do everything we can to communicate with you as soon as possible to come to an agreed upon expectation.

We will gather all dirty laundry from bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and elsewhere and start immediately. We will make sure to get everything through the wash and into the dryer. For smaller cleans, or if there is a lot of laundry, we may not get everything dried and put away. However, we commit to getting everything into the dryer. We will replace all used linens with fresh, including in the bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Counters and sinks are completely clean and streak-free and faucet is polished.
Items on counters are neat, tidy, straightened and organized to create an appealing presentation.
Spot-clean obvious dirty spots (large spills and fingerprints) on cabinet facings all the way down to the floor.
Stainless steel (including small appliances, trash cans and water kettles) are polished and streak-free.
Electric stove exterior cleaned, including knobs. Clean around drip pans, but not inside.
Gas stove exterior cleaned, including underneath grates. Grates wiped down.
Yellow or brown spots on the stovetop scrubbed/removed.
Oven and other appliance exteriors cleaned.
Towels and dishcloths are trifolded and rehung.
Kitchen table washed, chairs dusted, and leg bottoms picked free of dust, debris, and pet hair.
All perishables removed from fridge and freezer or elsewhere in kitchen.

Counters, sinks and mirrors are clean and streak-free and faucet is polished.
Items on counter are neat, tidy, straightened and organized to create an appealing presentation.
Spot-clean obvious dirty spots (toothpaste, hair or makeup) on cabinet facings all the way down to the floor.
Entire toilet area is cleaned (including tank cover, entire outside of toilet down to the floor, bolts, lid hinges, inside of toilet, floor and baseboards around and behind the toilet).
Toilet paper holder is dusted, and toilet paper is folded into our signature triangle.
Tub/shower surround spot cleaned (smudges of product, hair, etc.). Tile/grout scrubbing MUST be specified and will require extra time and cost.
All tub/shower faucet and fixtures polished and spot/streak-free (including the underside of the faucet).
Entire tub/shower tray, including bottom, all edges and sides, as well as soap dishes are cleaned.
Glass shower doors are free of soap residue and are streak/spot-free.
Towels are trifolded and arranged neatly.
Bathmats are shaken out and either hung neatly or replaced after vacuuming and mopping are complete.
Light fixtures, medicine cabinet (including top), towel racks, toilet paper holder, and bathroom decor are dusted and free of cobwebs.
All bathroom trash and recycling are gathered, consolidated with the kitchen trash, and fresh liners placed in the bathroom trashcans, if provided.

Bedrooms and Commons Areas
ALL horizontal surfaces that can be reached by hand are dusted.
Corners of walls where they meet with the ceiling are free of cobwebs.
Windowsills, stair rails, picture frames, etc. are dusted.
Surfaces that are very cluttered or that hold extra delicate items will be skipped or dusted around unless requested.
Items on top of dusted surfaces are replaced in a tidy manner and arranged intentionally.
The rooms are tidied, lap blankets folded, decorative sofa pillows arranged.
Bed sheets are changed and bed is made neatly.
Sheets and blankets are centered evenly on the beds.
Front/bottom of sheets and long blankets tucked underneath mattress.
Functional pillows are in the back or underneath, and decorative pillows are in front or on top. The final presentation of the bed is smooth, symmetrical, and tidy.
All bedroom and commons area trash and recycling are gathered, consolidated with the kitchen trash, and fresh liners placed in the trashcans, if provided.

All interior floors are vacuumed, and all interior hard floors are mopped, including underneath easily moveable/small objects.
Kitchen and bathroom floors spot cleaned by hand where needed.
Pet beds either shaken out or vacuumed.
Hard floors underneath beds are vacuumed with hose to collect bunnies.
All area rugs are replaced neatly.

Kitchen trash, along with consolidated trash form the entire house, is taken out. Recycling and compost also taken out, where applicable.

Other Notes
We REQUIRE that you have at least two sets of sheets per bed, as well as four full sized towels, four hand towels, and four wash cloths per bathroom.

We are not prepared for certain tasks, including outdoor work (hauling, landscaping), carpet cleaning, window washing, or handling of anything that could be hazardous, including human or animal fluids or waste. Our liability coverage prohibits us from working on any surface higher than a step ladder.