What if I need a move-out/in clean?

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Plan in advance! Remember that you need time for the actual moving process, time for cleaning, and you may have other professionals, such as painters or carpet cleaners, to coordinate with. Don’t put it off! We recommend having painters/handy persons in FIRST. Cleaning is next, and carpets should be last. We will not clean your refrigerator or cabinet interiors if they are full. You probably don’t want to pay our hourly rate for pantry item removal anyway.

Please provide a SPECIFIC list of tasks you need completed, in order of priority. We request a specific list because every moveout is different. Sometimes appliances will be replaced, so we don’t want to waste time cleaning them. Same goes for floors that will be refinished or tile or walls that will be redone.

The time we propose for Moveout’s is usually a generous estimate. If we find the amount of time you reserved wasn’t sufficient, you can always book more. You’ll be glad you planned ahead! On the other hand, you’ll never be charged for unused time for your moveout.

For very large jobs, you may have to book time with multiple staff/teams or over 2-3 days.