Will I get a team or an individual?

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We think pairing clients with individuals is ideal most of the time. Getting to know our clients is one of favorite parts of this work, and we know you appreciate the feeling of security that comes with having your home cleaned by someone you trust. We also know that many pets and kiddos respond better to having the same person in the home. Many people also don’t like the feeling of a large group of people whizzing through their home chaotically, and that scenario is also tough to organize on our end.

Our system automatically pairs larger jobs with a team of two. There are some exceptions, and if someone is out sick one day, their counterpart may come alone.

We think a team is better for larger jobs for multiple reasons, the main one being to avoid fatigue. Cleaning a very large house by one’s self can be tiring! Having a partner to help get through a big job in half the time keeps our energy fresh and provides camaraderie, which increases morale. The other reason we like to send teams for larger jobs is just to get things done more quickly for you! Many clients work from home or are at home with children, so getting the clean done quickly means clients can move on with their day sooner.

We are happy to assist to find a scheduling solution that gets the job done and meets everyone’s needs.