Do I need to, or can I, provide supplies?

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Some folks have certain products or equipment that they prefer to have in their space, and that is just fine with us. The only exceptions are with harsh or toxic chemicals and equipment that may be hazardous or unsafe. We do not bring cleaning products that are not labeled non toxic, and for our staff’s safety and comfort, we allow them to decline to use any products that are not labeled non-toxic, bleach being the primary product most staff prefer not to use. As for equipment, if you’d like staff to complete a task that requires a step ladder, you may provide one, as we don’t bring them. Our liability insurance covers us working up to three feet off the ground, so please keep that in mind when asking staff to leave ground level to reach something. This is usually a three step ladder, or the equivalent of standing on the counter tops. Other equipment that we may turn down using would be anything that requires special training or safety gear. By default we do not do any work outdoors.

If it is an odd job, feel free to ask!